Full-Flavour Beef Stroganoff

Welcome to my latest obsession. Beef Stroganoff is such a good, comforting dinner dish because you can enjoy the sauce as you slurp up ribbons of pasta, bite into flavourful chunks of beef and be surprised with other balancing notes as you fully appreciate its taste in your mouth.

It's the kind of dish you want to go home to - accompanying you as you curl yourself safely on your couch to unplug from the daily buzz.

Based on the 3 times I had made this dish, I highly recommend that you enjoy Beef Stroganoff with these three important factors:

1. Use Al-Dente Fettuccine (a wider pasta makes the slurping more enjoyable)

2. Marinate the Beef chunks

3. Add Extra Touch of Rare Beef Slices

Many recipes, even Martha Stewart's call for the use of beef or even chicken stock, but if you are the type that shies away from the use of ready-to-use stocks, here's my recipe for you!

Heat oil in the pan and as the heat builds up, add butter. You need the oil even though there's butter because of the oil has a higher smoking point that will cook the mushrooms later.

(Also, to me it doesn't matter if I use salted or unsalted butter because I could still control the amount as I taste test the dish.)

Then put your desired amount of chilli flakes into the pan. The aroma will build and that's the cue to add mushrooms to sautée.

When the mushrooms start to soften, stir garlic and onion powder to the mix.

AH HA! There's a secret ingredient here. I added the aromatic French Mustard for its tanginess to balance the dish.

Next add cream.

Stir in beef chunks marinated in garlic and onion powders, paprika, salt, white pepper and cracks of black pepper.

Can you see how the sauce is thick without using corn starch? That's the benefit of using aromatics in powder form...and easier too!

Now add grated cheese, I like using pecorino.

At this moment, the fettuccine should be 95% done. Let it finish in the pan, then quickly add blanched broccolini and rare beef slices.

Turn off the heat and continue to fold til the beef slices cook.


This was my previous experiment sans beef slices.

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Recipe serves 2-3

Prep time: 20 mins

Cooking time: 20 mins

200gm top side beef, sliced into 1/4 inch marinated in 1tsp paprika, 2 tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp onion powder, a few shakes of white pepper, a few cracks of black pepper and 1 tsp salt.

1/3 pack of fettuccine pasta

6-8 slices of thinly sliced beef

1 large soup bowl of mushrooms (approximately 10 white mushrooms, sliced and half a bunch of bunapi mushrooms)

2 tbsp chilli flakes (adjust to your preference level)

1/5 stick of butter (add more if you want the sauce to be more fragrant)

1 tbsp French Mustard

1/2 box of cream (approximately 100ml)

5 tbsp of grated pecorino

4-5 stalks of broccolini, blanched

Finely chopped chives and parsley to garnish and add freshness

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