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Adulting Using The Cheapest and Most Effective Kitchen Tools

Nesting has got to be one of the Most Exciting parts of adulting (mortgage, loan repayment not so much). Instead of blowing cash on lattes or avocado toasts, it's nice to put the sensible cap on and have something more permanent in our lives.

I was at a loss at first when I was buying kitchen utensils, pots and crockeries . I honestly did not know where to start, but I was CERTAIN of one thing. I was NOT going to spend lots of cash on them.

My shopping philosophy has always been to buy CHEAP. Yes as cheap, basic and usable as possible. Then I'll upgrade to more quality items because I feel like they would be an investment to make the cooking process more efficient.

Top 5 kitchen tools

These are the Top 5 cheap kitchen tools that I use every day and I.LOVE.them.

1. Korean Non-Stick Stone Wok - RM299 RM299 is not as cheap as other woks in the market BUT the price is more comfortable to the pocket compared a lot of high quality European brands.

This wok is so light to handle it makes cooking AND cleaning easier.

stone wok

This is the state of my wok after making stir fried noodles! I just cleaned the remnants of the dish with a kitchen towel. Which brings us to...

2. Kitchen Towel - RM10.99 for a pack of 6

This is a MUST HAVE. If you don't like flushing tiny bits of food down the sink for fear of clogging, the kitchen towel is great at absorbing and lifting pieces of food from wok and plates. It may be seen as a kitchen luxury, but in the long run, saves you the hassle of calling the plumber!

3. Saucepan - less than RM80

The saucepan is my wok's best friend. Because I love cooking noodles, I'll use it to blanch noodles and veggies before I fold them in my wok.

4. Tongs - below RM20

Great for tossing noodles or handling stir fry. When I'm lazy, I'll just use this in place of the skillet. Less dishes to wash!


Just like the tongs, I use this sometimes to cook and eat with it too, especially when I'm just cooking for myself!


Ok please please don't hold your chopsticks like this... *cringeeee*

Or like this

Try to use your middle and ring fingers to support the bottom while the index finger lends dexterity to the top.


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