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School Recess Fried Koay Teow

Malaysian Fried Koay Teow

How could one resist the call of Fried Koay Teow? As I run my fork into the perfectly coated ribbons, I could already taste the burst of flavours in my mouth. In school, we would have this every day for recess break, with every one barking their orders "I want 60 cents" and another "I want 70 cents today...I'm hungry" to our designated Crime Partner. (For more stories about our life of ✌🏻crime✌🏻 in an all girls' school click here).

Here is my rendition of what we had in school. Naturally we did not have the luxury of giant prawns and cockles, but the koay teow was superb nevertheless.

Malaysian Fried Koay Teow

First you will need aromatics like dried shrimps, scallions, onions and shallots, garlic and bird eye chillies. To build a good body, don't forget the Cili Giling, dark and sweet soy sauce.

Malaysian Fried Koay Teow

If you are not too averse to cockles or shellfish in general, this is the MVP. If you really can't stand it, just fish it out and donate it to someone who loves cockles. Trust me.. there are loads of people that adore cockles.

Malaysian Fried Koay Teow

Firstly, if you are using prawns, marinate it and brown it in the wok. Remove and set aside.

Then, start frying the dried shrimps until they become fragrant.

Malaysian Fried Koay Teow

Quickly add all your aromatics in the wok.

Malaysian Fried Koay Teow

Chillies go in a bit later because I don't want to burn them.

Malaysian Fried Koay Teow

Hah! The magical Cili Giling goes in now.

Malaysian Fried Koay Teow

Now add koay teow noodles that have been blanching at the side.

Also, give it a little tan with sweet and dark soy sauce.

Malaysian Fried Koay Teow

Followe by prawns and cockles. We're about done soon.

Malaysian Fried Koay Teow

Now add chopped scallions and turn off the heat. Keep folding and taste.

Malaysian Fried Koay Teow

Let me warn you, you'll need a fair bit of oil to coat the noodles so that they won't clump. So clean the next day?

Malaysian Fried Koay Teow

Recipe serves 2

Prep time: 20 mins

Cooking time: 10 mins


1/5 bag of dried koay teow

3 - 5 prawns (depending on size marinated in fish sauce, salt, onion powder, paprika, white pepper and grounded mixed pepper)

4 tbsp deshelled cockles (I like to do a quick blanch)

2 tsp dried shrimps

3 shallots

1/2 onion

4 cloves of garlic

1 stalk of scallion

4 bird eye chillies (depending on tolerance)

1 - 1/2 tbsp cili giling

1 tsp dark soy sauce

1 tsp sweet soy sauce

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