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The Forward Thinking And Indulgent Butter Prawn Pasta

The weekend is here and I am feeling especially pensive.

For the last few weeks, I had taken some time away from writing, just trying update my website's user experience before it morphs into Megalodon.

But I was shocked no, more like shook when I learned that I am just shy of a thousand page views! When I first started sharing my passion of just tinkering and tweaking recipes in the kitchen, it felt like I was talking into the void. I spoke but I could not hear any echo let alone friendly voices. And it certainly felt like an exercise of futility at one point. But, I couldn't bring myself to stop because I love doing it so much.

I looked out into my little planter's box today and I realised why I felt so connected to my plants. When I first brought them back from the nursery, I had no green skills to speak of. The flowers quickly wilted days they were transplanted into the planter's box. The verdant leaves slowly shrivelled and turned brown despite showering the plants with water twice a day.

Then the rain came and continued for days. The rain was a welcomed change from the prickly heat but it brought insects out in my kitchen. It was the creepiest experience I hope to never encounter again. But I realised the rain also made my flowers bloom! I thought my plants died at my hands, but they lived, in spite of me!!

planters box

(<Top right> The flowers look fairly healthy but soon spiralled downwards. <Top Left> I thought they died. But they remained and now looking back, I realised they were multiplying. <Bottom Left> This came as a surprise, truly! The flowers blossomed overnight. <Bottom Right> It amazed me still that the younger shoots competed to grow and stand tall with the original plants)

So I am extremely grateful for a thousand page views and thanks for coming back to read my new stories!

Since it's the weekend and we may be feeling a bit indulgent, here's a forward thinking recipe that you can hopefully use.

Butter Prawn Pasta

Marinate peeled and cleaned prawns for 30 mins in a mixture of onion and garlic powders, paprika, some salt, some crack of black pepper and if you like it spicy like me, some chilli flakes.

Butter Prawn Pasta

Warning: This ish will go down fast.

Add a little oil into the pan and let the heat rise to medium high. Yes, we want to sear it but ensure that the center is still a bit undercooked.

The prawns will turn red in seconds. The moment they show first signs of colour, quickly flip them.

Butter Prawn Pasta

They look like this when it's flipped. Turn the fire off, let the prawns remain in the pot for 3 seconds, then push them aside.

Butter Prawn Pasta

Like this.

Then add the Butter Chicken gravy you have saved in the fridge and pour it into the pot.

You will definitely have extras when you use my recipe so please do not throw it away because you can make a new pasta dish with it. Full recipe here

Butter Prawn Pasta

Slowly stir the gravy and let it warm up. Add cooked pasta of your choice.

Butter Prawn Pasta

And there you have it. An indulgent but ☝🏼 forward thinking meal you can enjoy while you Netflix and chill.

Recipe for 2 pax

Prep time: 3-10 mins depending if you bought pre-peeled prawns or ones with shells

Cooking time: 10 mins


12 large prawns

(Marinate in a mixture of onion and garlic powders, paprika, some salt, some crack of black pepper and if you like it spicy like me, some chilli flakes)

A good handful of pasta of your choice, I prefer Fettuccine for this recipe

3 rice bowls of Butter Chicken gravy


1. Marinate cleaned prawns in a mixture of onion and garlic powders, paprika, some salt, some crack of black pepper for 30 minutes

2. Just about 10 minutes left on the marination time on the shrimps, start boiling your pasta and monitor occasionally

3. Heat some oil in a sauce pan to medium high heat. Sear your prawns for 3 seconds on one side, then turn off the heat. Flip the prawns and let it remain for another 3 seconds and scoop them to the side.

4. Restart the fire and add in Butter Chicken gravy. When the gravy is nearing its boiling point, add pasta in the mix. After the gravy reaches the boiling point, turn the heat off and serve.

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