Easy Beef Rib Noodles

Home made soup noodles are so satisfying and easy to make. All it takes is a basic skill of slicing and dicing aromatics and you're on your way to a nutritious meal.

Hello little friends, are you ready to take a swim in a hot pool? Let's go!

Fry an onion until it turns translucent.

Crank up the heat, let the fire release the oils and aroma in your lemongrass and shallots.

Ooops, should have flavoured the oil with the cardamom pods, coriander seess and star anise first. To correct the mistake, I cranked up the heat again and made sure I don't burn the aromatics by folding them quickly.

To give the soup a nice smokey flavour, I added in black peopercorns I had roasted and grounded earlier with a little bit of turmeric.

Now add green and dried red chillies. Add a little bit of soy sauce and Chinese rice wine.

Followed by half a pot of water, along with the tomatoes and spring onions.

Add the pot begins to boil, add in beef ribs. Close the lid and let it boil over high heat for 5 minutes.

Then, let it simmer over 25 minutes.

Serve with your favourite noodles. This is my portion, more noodles for me, because noodles is LifeâœŒđŸ»

This is my husband's portion 😂😂

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