The Secret Ingredient in Egg Fried Rice Is...

This is a good dish if you are unafraid of rice because a) frankly you don't give a damn b) you ran a marathon and you deserve it dammit c) your hands start shaking if you don't have rice for even one day d) all of the above

Put a bit of oil then add scallions, garlic and green chillies.

Season with soy sauce and Chinese rice wine.

Add a bit of water and let it reduce in high flame. Add a pinch of sea salt.

Increase the flame again when you mix the white rice in.

Part the rice and add in beaten egg that has been seasoned with salt and white pepper.

Yes. The secret ingredient white pepper.

Scramble the egg first before mixing it into the rice.

Finally, add scallions and turn off the heat.

Fold them into the rice and serve.

Serves 2

Prep time: 10 mins

Cooking time: 5 mins


Leftover rice: 1 bowl

Scallions - 3 stalks

Garlic - 2 cloves

Green Chillies - 2 (optional)

Eggs - 3 (season with 1/4 tsp salt and 3 shakes of white pepper)

Chinese Rice Wine - 1 tbsp

Soy Sauce - 1 tsp

Sea Salt - one pinch

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