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Trying My Hand at Masterchef Invention Test

Mustard Chicken

I get my food inspiration from 3 places:

1. The supermarket

2. Mukbang channels on Youtube (some people say that I have a serious addiction to Youtube)

3. Instagram

Recently I was fixated on using jalapenos in my dish after seeing a wonderful Vietnamese home cook using them in her braised ginger chicken with hard boiled eggs on Instagram.

So I set about to create my own recipe with it. Feels like a Masterchef invention test. So much fun😬

Mustard Chicken

Mustard Chicken

Marinate chicken in salt, turmeric and mustard for a couple of hours.

Fry them in the pan and remove when they are browned. Set aside.

Mustard Chicken

Add a little bit of oil. Add mustard seeds and as soon as they sputter, add onion.

Mustard Chicken

Add garlic cloves and ginger garlic paste when onion becomes translucent.

Mustard Chicken

Turn up the heat and stir. Then add water and watch it sizzle. Then follow up with the jalapenos slit lengthwise.

Mustard Chicken

Now add turmeric and coriander powder followed by a generous amount of mustard. Before the chicken, add salt, sugar and lemon juice to taste the balance. If you are happy with it, now add the drumsticks.

Bring to a boil and close the lid for 20 mins .

Mustard Chicken

That's it!

Here's my recipe I planned on paper before I started cooking.

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