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The Real SpicyLovin G Pasta

The Real SpicyLovin G Pasta

This pasta is the real G.

There's no meat to coat each noodle strand, but rather it relies heavily on aromatics to excite the tastebuds. Fuss-free, no-nonsense but packs a mean punch.

This is perfect for a manic Monday and especially if you are determined to start the week with wholesome food.

It's easy to prep and you can use one pot to complete the dish.

Let's break it down!

Serving: 2 pax

Prep Time: 15 mins

Cooking Time: 10 mins


Onion - 1 (I used pearl onions but there's no discernible difference compared to normal white onions)

Garlic - 3/4 of a whole garlic

Bird's Eye Chillies - 4

Dried Chillies - 10-12 (adjust chillies to tolerance level)

Mushroom - 6 -8

Mozarella Cheese - 3 handfuls

Angel Hair Pasta - a handful

Veggies - blanched a handful

The Real SpicyLovin G Pasta

Look at the amount of pearl onions and garlic. This is the building block of an aromatic,

meatless pasta🍝

The Real SpicyLovin G Pasta

As the onions are turning translucent, build up the heat and add chillies, followed by mushrooms.

The Real SpicyLovin G Pasta

This baby is sizzling fast. Good, I'm hungry, please be done soon.

Add a little sea salt here.

The Real SpicyLovin G Pasta

Add pasta, mozarella cheese and a little bit of pasta water so that everything mixes well.

The Real SpicyLovin G Pasta

Toss everything into a big bowl, plate the greens and serve.

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