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Drizzy Pepper Chicken: Tribute to Drake's win at the Billboard Music Awards

I tried cooking Pepper Chicken last week.

It was full bodied, it was spicy, pungent, fragrant, delicious... it was many things, but it was not Pepper Chicken.

Anyway, I attempted it again to surprising great success thanks to a site called Maria's Menu. I have never come across any recipe (until now) that is so exact and I appreciate the step-by-step guide. Here's my condensed version.

Pepper Chicken

First brown the chicken and set aside. With the oil that is left in the wok, add a healthy portion of ginger garlic paste. Go on.. don't be shy. This dish is not going to be bomb if you are shy about such things.

Pepper Chicken

Then add green chillies.

At this moment, the heat is set to medium high and this process is picking up steam, it's going fast!

After this I add my spice mix of turmeric, onion powder, garam masala and black pepper.

Did you know that the original recipe called for lemon juice and ketchup? I hesitated for a while because, I didn't think it could work but.. I went against my natural instincts and I'm glad I did.

Pepper Chicken

Once the masala is cooked for a few minutes, add the chicken pieces.

Pepper Chicken

My advice is to sprinkle the black pepper on the chicken with a spoon. The chicken will pack a lot of flavour when the black pepper infuses with it in high heat.

Pepper Chicken

I've decided to name this dish Drizzy Pepper Chicken because of the way the coarse pepper falls onto the chicken, not so much like a sprinkle.. more like a drizzle.

And also.. today I learned that Drake took home 13 trophies at the Billboard Music Awards, so congratulations's som'thn som'thn for you!

Here is the full recipe from Maria's Menu

Pepper Chicken

Drizzy chillin' by the window, enjoying his moment in the sun

Pepper Chicken

Drizzy is versatile. He can chill wherever the damn hell he wants

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