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Malaysian Japchae

If you are planning to cook Japchae for a dinner party, do not, I repeat Do Not pair it with Revenge Chicken . It will eat your soul. My advice is to pair it with a simple soup that will slowly cook in the meantime.

Malaysian Japchae

But Japchae is really delicious. It is worth the meticulous task of soaking, cutting, blanching and pre-frying ingredients beforehand.

The result is a harmonious mix of crunchy and springy, savoury and umami.

This is a vegan recipe with a hint of spiciness.

Malaysian Japchae

Fry 6-8 bird eye chillies along with bottom part of some scallions.

Malaysian Japchae

Add fresh mushrooms.

Malaysian Japchae

Then add pre-soaked black fungus and Chinese mushrooms. I'm reusing the water I use to soak the mushrooms because, ☝🏻let's not waste the good stuff.

Malaysian Japchae

Add about a tablespoon each of Chinese rice wine, dark sauce and soy sauce. Let this simmer and release the taste.

Because I am a bit extra, I added a spoonful of onion, paprika and garlic powder.

Add salt and adjust its level.

Malaysian Japchae

Next, add pre-fried carrots cut into matchsticks and tofu into the mix.

Malaysian Japchae

Then add the glass noodles that has been boiled separately and mixed in a little soy and sesame seed oil.

Malaysian Japchae

At the last minute, add vege (I personally prefer broccolini) that has been blanched and scallions cut into 3cm length. Mix well and finally, turn off the heat.

Malaysian Japchae

My favourite ingredient is the black fungus. 🤗

Pair it with soup... and have an awesome meal!

Recipe for 5-6 pax


  • Glass Noodles - 1 packet

  • Bird Eye Chillies - 6-8

  • Fresh Mushrooms - 3

  • Chinese Mushrooms - 4

  • Black Fungus - 6-8

  • Broccolini - a small bunch

  • Scallions - 3-4 stalks

  • Carrot - 1

  • Fried Tofu - 8 pcs

  • Rice Wine - 1 tbsp

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