Revenge Chicken: Get Ready to Blow Your Diet Out of The Window

This is Revenge Chicken.

It is a cross between Ayam Masak Merah and some crazy level of spicyness inspired by Samyang Noodles.

Samyang's Fire Noodles has triggered a pandemic thirst for punishment and I am not spared.

First, marinade chicken in turmeric, paprika, onion powder, ginger powder and salt it generously... like salt bae. Let it sit for 3 hours.

3 is a golden rule, even for cooking. Herbal soups taste better after the 3 hour mark, meats absorb taste better after...say it with me, the 3 hour mark.

Ok while that is being done, throw in onion, ginger, shallots, bird eye chillies, dried shrimps that have been processed. You will not believe how much ginger I put in here. It's the length of my palm, this is going to be good!

Next, add dried chilli paste.

So scary, but so good...

Then add one chopped tomato. Did you know, I used to hate using tomatoes in my curries? That was just based on zero blinking stats and data i.e. it was just a personal bias towards tomatoes. Poor tomatoes, what have they ever done to me.

But over time, I learned that tomato is essential to balance taste and add a new layer to the taste profile.

So there you go, one chopped tomato, let it sizzle in the hot pan.

Next add the chicken pieces.

You can choose to brown the chicken pieces first before adding them.

Something volcanic is happening here.

You can add a few drops of fish sauce, ketchup, sugar and a pinch of anchovy stock to elevate the taste.

After 30 minutes, Revenge (Chicken) is served.

This recipe serves 2-3


Chicken thighs: 4 pcs

Dried chili paste: 1/2 bowl (about a fistful of dried chillies)

Bird eye chillies: 4 pcs

Chopped aromatics: 1 Onion, 4 shallots, 4 cloves of garlic, 1 ginger approx 5-6 inches in length, 1tbsp of dried shrimps

Additional punches: 1 tbsp of ketchup (like two short squirts), 3 tsp sugar, a pinch of anchovy stock, two sprinkles of sea salt

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