Create your own Spicy Noodles Challenge At Home

True Fact: I watch Mukbang every day before I sleep. (I watch make up tutorials too, but that's irrelevant here lol).

I especially love the Spicy Noodles Challenge videos and it doesn't matter how many I have watched, but I'll definitely click if I see one.

Here's my blog version of how to make one.. and tune it to your taste using Miso, Green Chilies and Red Pepper Paste.

First, fry some green chilies and ginger paste.

Add more green chilies if you want extra kick :)

These green chilies are very fragrant. If I missed them out when I make Lemon Rice, the taste will be flat and just not that tasty in general..urgh. Yes, the mishap has happened before.

Add tomatoes.

Let the fire work through it as they impart their juices and taste.

Add a teaspoon of miso and gochujang (Korean red pepper paste).

Add water and bring it to boil. How do you like the broth, spicy enough? Not for me!

So I added some gochukaru (Korean red pepper flakes).

Dig in :)

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