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The False Start & The Adventure

Before Sydney, we had spent a few days in Melbourne with relatives. Needless to say, we were treated to sumptuous meals every day.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Am really grateful to my cousins for treating my husband and I to this royal banquet which took about 6 hours for prep and cooking time.

In Melbourne, we somehow convinced ourselves that we could see exercise as part of our itinerary. But like many self-professed oracles, this was no more than mumbo jumbo, although… the weather was a huge deterrent to our plans.

This picture was taken in Balmoral, Sydney. We were at the peak of guilt, not having committed to our usual fitness routine, so we took to running 10 steps and called it a day.

But with much difficulty, we managed to redeem ourselves the next day. We pulled ourselves from under the covers and head out into the sun, into the welcoming city, chirping happily with us as we walked along Darlinghurst all the way into The Domain.

We actually started jogging along St Mary’s Cathedral but stopped to take in this magnificent architecture.

I suspected that my husband also wanted to take in a few extra breaths and used photography as a valid reason to hit pause.

We continued our jog and arrived here at The Domain. I felt so blessed being able to jog in this verdant park that holds so many tales from tourists and joggers all over the world.

Ok ready, get set, here we go…

We’re running for real now ^.^

To really admire this scenic view, I somehow had to tilt my head as I jog to mind where I’m going and keep the Opera House in view. I looked ridiculous tbh.

We continued until we were at the steps of the Opera House.

This was where I started feeling a little light-headed, not so much from the exertion, but from seeing a healthy build up of tourists.

The environment immediately felt so different with so many people just milling about, sitting at the steps… I headed out at once gasping for air.


“I shall miss this skyline, "I thought to myself.

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