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Spinach Dhal and Three Lentil Dhal

palak dhal

Three Lentil Curry by Sapna Anand

Right about 6 weeks ago, I had toyed with the idea of switching to a more plant-based eating habit.

Although I am not as carnivorous as most, and absolutely repulsed at the thought of the Atkins diet (it’s not balanced at all, is the fella nuts), I cannot be certain that I can pull off a plant based eating habit without feeling faint.

I must establish that I am not on a mission to lose weight.

I am vigorously pursuing a far out idea that somehow I can run 3 times a week, commit to a HIIT session the next day and climb Gasing Hill the following day - all while maintaining a plant-based diet, with meat on rare occasions to power me up.

I believe with the right balance of fruits, vegetables, tubers, whole grains and legumes, I could strategically attack the following:

  • eat right as nature intended

  • contribute less to the false economy of the meat industry (do we really need to eat meat all the time??)

  • be a part of the solution to eradicate animal cruelty (it’s a tall order, but I hope my tiny contribution counts)

  • improve my complexion and hold on tightly to my youth (yes I admit, this is crucial because I don’t believe in plastic surgery. What’s the point of spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery when you’re not competing for Miss Universe…errr..slightly off topic here)

  • trim my bo-day…yeahhhhh

SO..what do all these pointers have to do with dhal?

I’ve have Never liked dhal, but because such a wonderful chef like Sapna Anand exists, I am beginning to understand why dhal can actually be so tasty.

And…in my efforts to master the recipe, I obsessively cooked dhal 5 days straight with different improvisations each day, my husband and I immediately felt the real benefits of dhal. It’s filling without bloating you releases energy to you slowly so you don’t feel faint after 3 hours.

It’s perfect for dinner because I woke up feeling light, trim and ready for my run.

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