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What does Ayam Rempah (Spiced Chicken) have in common with Batu Seremban?

Ayam Rempah

Smartphone users check their FB 13.8 times a day and 79% reach for the phone within 15 minutes of waking up. These facts were taken from a study three years ago. I can only imagine that these figures have soared dramatically.

I definitely contribute to the statistics, so during one of my check-ins into Facebook one day, I saw a post from an ex-schoolmate asking if someone could sell her Batu Seremban.

Batu Seremban (five stones)

(picture taken from

This is Batu Seremban (Five Stones), a very inexpensive game we used to play in school. It requires players to deftly swipe, touch and catch with both use of right and left hand.

I loved playing it as a child because, well, unlike Uno or Scrabble or Monopoly, I can play it alone! My cousins were either away at work or college, so you can say that I enjoyed a lot of ME time :)

Unfortunately, they started spilling at the seams. Little green beans successfully escaped tiny tears and soon, I was just playing with fabric.

I told my aunt that I needed to buy a new set of Batu Seremban. Very confidently, she said, “Why buy when you can make them yourself?!”

(picture taken from

She made me square Batu Seremban. I stared at the stones in horror. Although grateful for my new toy, I was horrified at the idea of playing with a handicap. Unlike the triangular version where the pointed ends made it easier to grab the stone, the compact nature of the square really tested my skills.

With hours of practice (I belong in the generation that had a lot of time on my hands), the handicap turned into an advantage, and I always, ALWAYS win the game. Thank you Aunty!

Ayam Rempah pre-mix

Last week, if I was in a Masterchef competition and tasked to make Ayam Rempah, I would dissolve into a puddle of cold sweat and tears. But I did chance upon a pre-mix from a spice store so I was confident that I could at least attempt it, since I just needed to rub the spice mix onto the chicken and start the oven. Aaah the good two-step solution!

Somehow my mind meandered to my friend’s FB posting for Batu Seremban and my initial terror of playing with the square version. It was the same Fear of the Unknown that was holding me back from venturing out of my curries.

Roasted Spiced Chicken (Ayam Rempah)

Behold Roasted Ayam Rempah Prototype 1. The colour was right but there was a jarring spice in the pre-mix. Back to the drawing board, hmmph.

Roasted Spiced Chicken (Ayam Rempah)

Introducing Ayam Rempah Prototype 2. This time, I used a whole leg to be served as a main. For this version, I attempted my own spice mix and my husband loved the taste ^^. I learned time and again, if I dared to cook a dish, however daunting it may seem to me, I could always do it! (After a series of failures…haha just being real).

Unfortunately, I think I should not cut the curry leaves and not handle the tender chicken with a tong. The skin broke off so easily. Arrgh.

My third attempt today.

Look at all the vibrant colours. They look so festive, like a lively Punjabi wedding, always ready to burst out in songs and deol drums as celebrants dance away.

End Note:

If you feel afraid to try something, because the thought of failure cripples you, just remember that it is only an irrational fear that is holding you back. Just wanted to put this out there, share a piece of my life that will hopefully encourage you.


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