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My Special Project

I have been working on my special project for about a year now and I am so proud, scared and excited that it is coming to fruition…soon!

Am sharing behind-the-scenes in this post. I can’t even begin to tell you how many bak choys and leeks I have used.

Behold, the advancing Legion of Chili Peppers, rapidly advancing to conquer the Land of the Serene Greens. Will the tiny community of Almonds allow safe passage to the Chili Peppers or will they honour their treaty with the Serene Greens sealed in fire centuries ago to defend the border?

Attack is Imminent.

My war captions are just a silly tribute to Game of Thrones, a worldwide phenom which I have yet to watch!

Love working with Kam Wei and Chris because their sparks of creativity really inspire me to think differently. Check them out below:

Special thanks:

Conceptualization & Creative Direction: Kam Wei

Photography: Chris Dai

#foodie #foodphotography #griddesign

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