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How to get away with cooking the same thing over - Episode 2 (Healthy Hokkien Mee)

Malaysians will traverse far and wide to scour for the best Hokkien Mee, push friendships to the brink to defend their opinion of The Best (enter food name).

Growing up, I never had the misfortune of having bad Hokkien Mee, every energetic hawker stall serving this dish was generally good.

Never had I ever imagine that one day I would attempt to cook this personal favourite of mine.

And I still do not put myself on par with the great Hokkien Mee cooks, there is no parallel. What I attempted was the translation of the few poignant tastes into the meal, because sometimes I think we need some shortcuts and a healthy reward system. Living a healthy lifestyle should not be about denying yourself, but I believe is rewarding yourself with the right things.

And because I cooked this, I have taken care with the amount of oil, animal fats and starch. My version does not rely on pork lard to define the winning taste. Rather, I leaned on the Chinese sauces (soy, oyster), rice wine and spices to create the body.

But one thing that we cannot skip, the wok has to be HOT!

#hokkienmee #spicypastarecipe #lentrecipe #pescatarian #healthyhokkienmee

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