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How to get away with cooking the same thing over - Episode 1

Seafood Linguine

It’s still Lent season and I have accepted the challenge to cook seafood/vegetarian or vegan meals for my husband this period.

Fuelled by my obsession with linguine, I have paired asparagus, tofu, calamari and butter fish together to make this a tasty but easy-to-cook meal.

The most labour intensive part is the sambal preparation, which I only rank 3.5/10 in terms of prep time and cooking effort. Other than that, oven ‘frying’ the butter fish is really quite easy. I do recommend using butter fish because it is more dense and heavier tasting, so it holds itself quite well as you bite into it.

#lent #pescatarian #linguinerecipe #asianpasta #spicypastarecipe #easypastarecipe #lentrecipe

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