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Sambal Seafood Pajeon (Korean Pancake) of the most unconventional kind

Seafood Pajeon

I could not help myself and I do not mean to be inauthentic, I had to have the spicy element to my pancake.

I knew my prepped sambal would come in handy,and to think that I almost threw it out the other day!

My version of the Korean pancake has layers of spices in the seafood marinade:

  • Turmeric

  • Paprika

  • Fish Sauce

  • Chinese Rice Wine

These elements make all the difference because I can’t stand tasteless chunks of seafood in my pancake and that normally, the only way to flavour the pancake is to dip into soy sauce.

But the ultimate flavour is derived from the sambal that must be cooked thoroughly in the pan before adding into the pancake mix.

I shudder to think what may happen to me if I was given strict orders never to eat spicy food again in my life.

Seafood Pajeon

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