Vegan meal tonight, Dhal with Chapati

It’s been some time since I’ve made dhal but making my Rogan Josh yesterday reminded me how much I love cooking Indian food.

I found a way to thicken it without adding dairy or using too much onions. Incidentally, it was my friend showing off his home-cooked meal that gave rise to the idea of using cashew nuts in my curry paste. But for dhal, you can...

Reaching for the linguine would probably be second nature to me now but I resisted the ‘natural’ action.

I don’t want to single-handedly make my husband hate pasta, tofu or calamari for the rest of his functioning life so I pulled back.

I remember seeing two slices of hard wholemeal bread in the fridge…suddenly an idea forms in my (thrifty) mind!

After sampling this, I most certainly need...

Malaysians will traverse far and wide to scour for the best Hokkien Mee, push friendships to the brink to defend their opinion of The Best (enter food name). 

Growing up, I never had the misfortune of having bad Hokkien Mee, every energetic hawker stall serving this dish was generally good.

Never had I ever imagine that one day I would attempt to cook this personal favourite of mine.


It’s still Lent season and I have accepted the challenge to cook seafood/vegetarian or vegan meals for my husband this period. 

Fuelled by my obsession with linguine, I have paired asparagus, tofu, calamari and butter fish together to make this a tasty but easy-to-cook meal.

The most labour intensive part is the sambal preparation, which I only rank 3.5/10 in terms of prep time and cooki...

So it’s Lent season and I’m taking up the challenge of preparing Pescatarian dishes for my husband.

So far it has been Linguine and Korean Pancakes on rotation and I did not want to risk the third pancake, 3 days in a row, so I looked to my cabinet for inspiration.

I’ve decided to use my forlorn-looking Seashell Pasta, sitting in a corner unnoticed and unloved *sob sob*.

Although it proba...

I could not help myself and I do not mean to be inauthentic, I had to have the spicy element to my pancake.

I knew my prepped sambal would come in handy,and to think that I almost threw it out the other day!

My version of the Korean pancake has layers of spices in the seafood marinade:

  • Turmeric

  • Paprika

  • Fish Sauce

  • Chinese Rice Wine

These elements make all the differenc...

I was hanging around my husband’s aunt’s kitchen like a shadow, smelling up every dish she cooked for Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) Reunion dinner. While she did not give me her treasured recipe (*sob*), she did throw me a bone. She gave me her special Nyonya-styled Chicken curry paste and I intended to make The Most out of that.

I combined her recipe with mine, because honestly, if...

To the best of my memory, I’ve grown up loving Mee Siam. But, at the tender age of 11, I referred to it as the Canteen Aunty’s Meehoon… *signal chorus of angeli

Even if I have said it a million times, I’d still say this - Indian cooking has such an intelligent and layered complexity to it. Spices are manipulated across different forms to create a dish. That knowledge of spice is so thorough, so versatile, it reminds me of having a raucous conversation with someone and suddenly in the quiet corner of my mind I go..hmm how intelligent!...

Right about 6 weeks ago, I had toyed with the idea of switching to a more plant-based eating habit. 

Although I am not as carnivorous as most, and absolutely repulsed at the thought of the Atkins diet (it’s not balanced at all, is the fella nuts), I cannot be certain that I can pull off a plant based eating habit without feeling faint.

I must establish that I am not on a mission to lose...

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