I want to personally thank my late paternal Granny for her sacrifices because she lived the hard life so we can experience comfort she never would have. I am not better than my Granny or family members even though I have better education and have some accomplishments in my life. I just have more because they have instilled lasting values and committed their lives to improving mine.

More than twenty years have passed, It remains the most disturbing and traumatic horror film I have ever experienced, made worse because I watched it at the height of my formative years. Not even the Exorcist could have prepared me for the paralyzing fear that haunted me for ONE FULL YEAR after watching It on tv.

I would stare at sinkholes expectantly, almost steeling myself before...

This is a pot luck dish. I guarantee you it will be a hit because it is flavourful yet not as filling as the many meat dishes making their grand appearance. 

It is a quick dinner solution if you are harried, it is a satisfying meal if you are looking to tone down carbs for dinner but it is also an excellent contribution should you ever need to squeeze your brains in search of...

Recently I attended the YSL All Hours Foundation launch party and the theme was all black. I agonized for a full ten minutes because I don't wear black, my wardrobe consists of greys, blues and whites with smatterings of black. Thank goodness I have created a capsule wardrobe so I just paired top and bottom within seconds.

I think similarly, when it comes to cooking, there are days when...

After eating 2 helpings of this noodle soup, my husband insisted that I should cook this every day. I was flattered yes, but that didn't keep my eyes from growing wide with anxiety. "Urghhh how do I tell him?" Sensing my uneasiness he asked, "Is it <pause, bracing himself for impact> unhealthy?" 

Well, I try to remove all traces of oil as best I can, but why don't you be the j...

In the universally-accepted list of adult food consisting of broccoli, celery, liver, intestines, coriander leaves, I'm happy, no ecstatic that beansprouts do not have a place in there.

I know that hate is a strong word. We should have love and light to bounce off positivity into the world. 

But, I detest beansprouts. 

Conventional Kai See Hor Fun (Shredded Chicken with Fla...

The weekend is here and I am feeling especially pensive. 


For the last few weeks, I had taken some time away from writing, just trying update my website's user experience before it morphs into Megalodon.


But I was shocked no, more like shook when I learned that I am just shy of a thousand page views! When I first started sharing my passion of just tinkering and tweaking recipes in the...

I love eating ice-cream most when it rains, don't really rate beaches, think that it's a treat to eat cold fried chicken and have strong tendencies to deviate from conventional recipes when I cook. Even when I compare a few recipes and decide on one I think may work, I'd still modify it, even if I know that it is a tried and true recipe, I'd still poke at it and tweak it because I'm bo...

Chinese cooks are adept at manipulating the intensity of fire. There is almost a mathematical rhythm to using searing heat to release aroma and then snuffing it with the wok lid on to allow trapped heat to finish off the dish.

If you're looking forward to a restful weekend where you can ignore the alarm, binge-watch Netflix in your PJs, I've got your covered with an addictive stew that is easy to assemble and eat with just a soup spoon. I mean, who has time to wash a spoon ... plus a fork?

Supercharged Lamb Dalcha

Fry bay leaf, cardamom pods and star anise to flavour the oil.

Then add roasted cumin and fen...

Before you protest let me volunteer that yes, this is a sinful meal and it doesn't just end at the amount of butter you use to make it delicious. No no. It's the cream, the milk andddd... it's so lips-smackingly good that you would be eating more rice than intended. Out of guilt, you may add some greens on your plate just to make yourself feel better about your indulgent choice. You ca...

There is something medieval about eating Oxtail. I guess it's the huge chunk of meat you have to sink your teeth into and you probably don't look too dignified using your fingers to clean off every juicy morsel off the bone.

Let's put it this way, it's not a first date food. But if your date or friends are comfortable with you, eating this with them puts you on #teamreal

This dish is mad...

Bunny is pounding her wok like a beast. Despite her cat's mournful mews for food, she presses on and occasionally steals a glance at the window. While she watches the beautiful sunset,  she is gripped by an unexplained sense of premonition. Suddenly, from the corner of her eyes, she sees her sister walking through the condo's front door with a stranger. She breaks out in cold sweat. Wh...

There has been a recent bout of rainfall and I'm happy to be greeted by a navy blue sky every day that's not too overcast or gloomy. It has a tinge of warmth that draws me look at it and then takes my thoughts far, far away. 

The weather has really inspired me to cook something comforting. It should be something that has minimal prep but take...

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The most daunting task in the kitchen for me, is the ability to master self-belief. I motivate myself to learn new things and resist the fear of the unknown. My journey with cooking has rewarded me with knowledge and life lessons far beyond the functional purposes I had set out to do. 

Every leaf and seed; each living being's dedication to continue the cycle of life makes me grateful for my life's experiences. I hope you enjoy my recipes and thoughts in my blog.

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