This is my latest baby. Born out of love for pasta and prawns, mixed with a pinch of time pressure and laziness.

Quick Storytime: Once, my friend and I dialed the restaurant that we were already seated at just because we were too lazy to get up to get the waiter's attention. 

My love for prawns is perhaps abetted by the cunning Prawn Pushers, stationed strategically a...

SO, What Did You Do On New Year's Eve?

When you get asked this question, do you feel like you're being interrogated, almost like you need to dress your answer up a little, no a lot, make it banging than it actually was. 

So no, I was determined not to go out and ✌🏻have fun✌🏻 as planned. FUN cannot be planned. Fun comes from within. It cannot be organised through this process:

1. Hmm I'm...

What keeps you awake at night?

Your rumbling tummy? Your own loud thoughts? Missing home? Your annoying intermittent wifi connection??

For my friend, it was the smell of strong curry wafting from her neighbour's kitchen into her bedroom, every other night. Some people bake at odd hours to escape stress, and so, just like my friend's neighbour, I could understand the late night inspiratio...

Nesting has got to be one of the Most Exciting parts of adulting (mortgage, loan repayment not so much). Instead of blowing cash on lattes or avocado toasts, it's nice to put the sensible cap on and have something more permanent in our lives.

I was at a loss at first when I was buying kitchen utensils, pots and crockeries . I honestly did not know where to start, but I was CERTAIN...

~The naughtiest girls are always the most angelic-looking ones ~ Anon

Chapter 1

What are the characteristics of a Rooster?

They are wildly rambunctious, outspoken, ear-shatteringly loud, fiercely loyal, protective of their loved ones...just all round lovely to be with.

(We loved doing improv at the back of the class)

Mix them all up in a class, what do you get? Mix them all in an entire sch...

 How could one resist the call of Fried Koay Teow? As I run my fork into the perfectly coated ribbons, I could already taste the burst of flavours in my mouth. In school, we would have this every day for recess break, with every one barking their orders "I want 60 cents" and another "I want 70 cents today...I'm hungry" to our designated Crime Partner. (For more stories about our life o...

Bam 💥there you have it, the MVP of this dish is Butter. This was supposed to be practice for my old skool Shakey’s Classic Minced Chicken Pasta for potluck this weekend. 

However ☝🏻, let’s just say I had let the ball drop so I couldn’t use Angel Hair Pasta as intended but I substituted it with Chinese cream noodles. That’s fine.. as long as Steph Curry is playing. 

If you lik...

I often wondered why Chinese entrepreneurs were gifted ✌🏻unusual✌🏻decorations (I think that golden toads and crystals are not very aesthetically pleasing) or hang paintings of mountains or fishes or horses in their offices. My father had a koi painting and when questioned why, he explained that the koi symbolize prosperity and when you are in it to make money, I guess having things t...

Welcome to adulthood.

If you embrace tastes other than sweet and salty and is beginning to explore adventurous tastes of bitter and pungent flavours, you are adulting, congratulations!

First of all, let me be the first to admit that I am not a full-fledged ✌🏻adult✌🏻since I still can’t accept the sharpness of raw coriander (my cat likes it though!), but I think it is such an i...

Pasta Puttanesca is a fresh-flavoured pasta with an incredible top note. Some like using basil but I prefer Italian parsley, it is up to you really how you want to put your spin on it and best of all, is incredibly easy to make.  

As you may notice, I have added a few ingredients of my own to body it up.

I have added dried shrimps,  shallots, garlic powder, rice wine and chives to t...

Looking at some old homes around my neighbourhood, I realised I once lived in an era of a single-car household, where we would huddle around a television the size of a modern day laptop. And when a movie scene turns into a sob fest, we would pass tissue rolls around to each other. We had no ego or shame.

It was also a time where parents pull double income to provide,...

I had planned to make Butter Prawns for my parents one day but Life had other plans for me, obviously *roll eyes*..confounding things happen especially when I am in a rush...arrgghhh my local grocer ran out of prawns.

I had to change my menu on the spot. My brains were quite frazzled that day so I couldn't re-imagine a new menu but I had a sudden inspiration to use an existing reci...

The hallmark of an outstanding Malaysian hawker is his low threshold for BS. 

This is a true story of a grown man approaching his favourite Char Koay Teow hawker:

Friend: Uncle, can I have  one Char Koay Teow, no cockles, no cili for me?

Hawker: (Gets red in the face, takes a deep breath and bellows) How to make Char Koay Teow like that? I don't know how. You teach me lah!...

I have a face that tells you that you would want to play poker with me, cos hun-nay you're gonna have a windfall.

So it's really too bad that I’m not Dan Bilzerian or a living, breathing God of Gamblers, but believe me when I say I have a few tricks up my sleeves. 

So we know that there is no stopping the K-Wave because the world has fallen in love with so many things abou...

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The most daunting task in the kitchen for me, is the ability to master self-belief. I motivate myself to learn new things and resist the fear of the unknown. My journey with cooking has rewarded me with knowledge and life lessons far beyond the functional purposes I had set out to do. 

Every leaf and seed; each living being's dedication to continue the cycle of life makes me grateful for my life's experiences. I hope you enjoy my recipes and thoughts in my blog.

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