Ha is the number 5 in Thai. So it’s not a typo if someone answers 555 to you, like I thought it was when it happened to me years ago! 

During Chinese New Year, sometimes it may seem like we overindulge in seafood. But the real reason is because their names have auspicious meanings. For example prawn in Cantonese is Har like laughter, fish is served because it symbolizes abundance.


Honest opinion. Cooking most dishes with pork drums up the taste Instantly. When I first started cooking, I made luncheon meat fried rice with dried chillies and I felt like I was The Bomb. But like Shaggy says "It Wasn't Me", The Bomb was most probably the spam 🤫.

It's just like driving a well-engineered car or having great tyres. You feel so much more confident behind the wheel,...

Which fool visits China in the dead of winter? ME! I was at Banyan Tree Yangshuo and I loved the scenic view of the mountains and greens. It almost compensated for the cold and wet conditions although I admit that it had crossed my mind SEVERAL times to sleep on the heated bathroom floor if I could not stand the chill in my bedroom. 

I was particularly attracted to t...

Riding on the high from my eggsperiment with the Saffron Prawn Pasta, I was assaulted with a ton of ideas to elevate the recipe. The first thing I thought was, ok, I need-s to dunk it in wine. I was in luck, because a sweet couple dropped by my house post Christmas and brought me a Sauvignon Blanc.

As I was thinking of other ingredients to make the recipe richer, I was reminded of...

This is my latest baby. Born out of love for pasta and prawns, mixed with a pinch of time pressure and laziness.

Quick Storytime: Once, my friend and I dialed the restaurant that we were already seated at just because we were too lazy to get up to get the waiter's attention. 

My love for prawns is perhaps abetted by the cunning Prawn Pushers, stationed strategically a...

SO, What Did You Do On New Year's Eve?

When you get asked this question, do you feel like you're being interrogated, almost like you need to dress your answer up a little, no a lot, make it banging than it actually was. 

So no, I was determined not to go out and ✌🏻have fun✌🏻 as planned. FUN cannot be planned. Fun comes from within. It cannot be organised through this process:

1. Hmm I'm...

 How could one resist the call of Fried Koay Teow? As I run my fork into the perfectly coated ribbons, I could already taste the burst of flavours in my mouth. In school, we would have this every day for recess break, with every one barking their orders "I want 60 cents" and another "I want 70 cents today...I'm hungry" to our designated Crime Partner. (For more stories about our life o...

Bam 💥there you have it, the MVP of this dish is Butter. This was supposed to be practice for my old skool Shakey’s Classic Minced Chicken Pasta for potluck this weekend. 

However ☝🏻, let’s just say I had let the ball drop so I couldn’t use Angel Hair Pasta as intended but I substituted it with Chinese cream noodles. That’s fine.. as long as Steph Curry is playing. 

If you lik...

Pasta Puttanesca is a fresh-flavoured pasta with an incredible top note. Some like using basil but I prefer Italian parsley, it is up to you really how you want to put your spin on it and best of all, is incredibly easy to make.  

As you may notice, I have added a few ingredients of my own to body it up.

I have added dried shrimps,  shallots, garlic powder, rice wine and chives to t...

The hallmark of an outstanding Malaysian hawker is his low threshold for BS. 

This is a true story of a grown man approaching his favourite Char Koay Teow hawker:

Friend: Uncle, can I have  one Char Koay Teow, no cockles, no cili for me?

Hawker: (Gets red in the face, takes a deep breath and bellows) How to make Char Koay Teow like that? I don't know how. You teach me lah!...

Recently I attended the YSL All Hours Foundation launch party and the theme was all black. I agonized for a full ten minutes because I don't wear black, my wardrobe consists of greys, blues and whites with smatterings of black. Thank goodness I have created a capsule wardrobe so I just paired top and bottom within seconds.

I think similarly, when it comes to cooking, there are days when...

In the universally-accepted list of adult food consisting of broccoli, celery, liver, intestines, coriander leaves, I'm happy, no ecstatic that beansprouts do not have a place in there.

I know that hate is a strong word. We should have love and light to bounce off positivity into the world. 

But, I detest beansprouts. 

Conventional Kai See Hor Fun (Shredded Chicken with Fla...

The weekend is here and I am feeling especially pensive. 


For the last few weeks, I had taken some time away from writing, just trying update my website's user experience before it morphs into Megalodon.


But I was shocked no, more like shook when I learned that I am just shy of a thousand page views! When I first started sharing my passion of just tinkering and tweaking recipes in the...

Bunny is pounding her wok like a beast. Despite her cat's mournful mews for food, she presses on and occasionally steals a glance at the window. While she watches the beautiful sunset,  she is gripped by an unexplained sense of premonition. Suddenly, from the corner of her eyes, she sees her sister walking through the condo's front door with a stranger. She breaks out in cold sweat. Wh...

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The most daunting task in the kitchen for me, is the ability to master self-belief. I motivate myself to learn new things and resist the fear of the unknown. My journey with cooking has rewarded me with knowledge and life lessons far beyond the functional purposes I had set out to do. 

Every leaf and seed; each living being's dedication to continue the cycle of life makes me grateful for my life's experiences. I hope you enjoy my recipes and thoughts in my blog.

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