Lunar New Year to Malaysians mean one thing: we’ll be eating KFC for one week because our regular haunts will be closed 😅

This dish is inspired by the red packets of blessings (mon-nay 💵) the elder ones give to the younger generation and just the spirit of prosperity this season. 

Recipe serves 2-4 people (2 if this is the main meal, 4 if you intend to cook extra side dishes)


Truth: I wanted to create a simple chicken salad tossed with the teensiest amount of seashell pasta. When over-creativity and overzealousness takes over, the result is this 😁. 

This has veered so very far away clean-tasting dinner I had planned. It’s just like me “trying” to do simple make up in the morning.

Me: 🕣I’d do a simple eye-look today because..✋🏼 sis has no time.

🕙 Fast forwa...

Notice the edamame in the picture? Yes. This is THE WAY to incorporate greens on the fly into a dish.

Trigger Warning

Which genius thought that the Carrot/Pea/CORN (please read properly, not anuhthing else ya) combo is the holy vegetable trio that should be incorporated into my food, hmm? Really? Do you actually think that sweet corn tastes good munched with mushy peas? Really..?And to a...

SO, What Did You Do On New Year's Eve?

When you get asked this question, do you feel like you're being interrogated, almost like you need to dress your answer up a little, no a lot, make it banging than it actually was. 

So no, I was determined not to go out and ✌🏻have fun✌🏻 as planned. FUN cannot be planned. Fun comes from within. It cannot be organised through this process:

1. Hmm I'm...

What keeps you awake at night?

Your rumbling tummy? Your own loud thoughts? Missing home? Your annoying intermittent wifi connection??

For my friend, it was the smell of strong curry wafting from her neighbour's kitchen into her bedroom, every other night. Some people bake at odd hours to escape stress, and so, just like my friend's neighbour, I could understand the late night inspiratio...

Bam 💥there you have it, the MVP of this dish is Butter. This was supposed to be practice for my old skool Shakey’s Classic Minced Chicken Pasta for potluck this weekend. 

However ☝🏻, let’s just say I had let the ball drop so I couldn’t use Angel Hair Pasta as intended but I substituted it with Chinese cream noodles. That’s fine.. as long as Steph Curry is playing. 

If you lik...

I often wondered why Chinese entrepreneurs were gifted ✌🏻unusual✌🏻decorations (I think that golden toads and crystals are not very aesthetically pleasing) or hang paintings of mountains or fishes or horses in their offices. My father had a koi painting and when questioned why, he explained that the koi symbolize prosperity and when you are in it to make money, I guess having things t...

After eating 2 helpings of this noodle soup, my husband insisted that I should cook this every day. I was flattered yes, but that didn't keep my eyes from growing wide with anxiety. "Urghhh how do I tell him?" Sensing my uneasiness he asked, "Is it <pause, bracing himself for impact> unhealthy?" 

Well, I try to remove all traces of oil as best I can, but why don't you be the j...

In the universally-accepted list of adult food consisting of broccoli, celery, liver, intestines, coriander leaves, I'm happy, no ecstatic that beansprouts do not have a place in there.

I know that hate is a strong word. We should have love and light to bounce off positivity into the world. 

But, I detest beansprouts. 

Conventional Kai See Hor Fun (Shredded Chicken with Fla...

Before you protest let me volunteer that yes, this is a sinful meal and it doesn't just end at the amount of butter you use to make it delicious. No no. It's the cream, the milk andddd... it's so lips-smackingly good that you would be eating more rice than intended. Out of guilt, you may add some greens on your plate just to make yourself feel better about your indulgent choice. You ca...

There has been a recent bout of rainfall and I'm happy to be greeted by a navy blue sky every day that's not too overcast or gloomy. It has a tinge of warmth that draws me look at it and then takes my thoughts far, far away. 

The weather has really inspired me to cook something comforting. It should be something that has minimal prep but take...

I truly believe, ✋🏻hand on my heart that soups are the true elixr of youth. 

It's packed with nutrients, easy to make, its warmth comforting to the tummy and can be paired with a host of main dishes. 

Does anyone out there still have the habit of dunking rice into their soup? It's the best way to eat it if you ask me.

Over the years we have been wary about eating too much...

There are days where there's just not enough hard drive space in my brains. It could be I'm rushing through a few things, been (in the distant past thank goodness) hungover from an overly enthusiastic Sunday night drink or like today, just not feeling my best. 

I had wanted to pack a sandwich from the store but remembered I had a chilled meat in the fridge. So I took up the challen...

Recipe serves 2 

Prep Time: 15-20 mins

Cooking Time: 30 mins

Roast Chicken ingredients:

Chicken Breasts - 2

Onion Powder - 2 tsp

Garlic Powder - 1 tsp

Cayenne Powder - 1 tsp

Rosemary - 3 sprigs (chop leaves, discard twigs)

Garlic - 2 cloves (chopped finely)

Mustard - 1 tsp

Capers - 1 tsp

Leafy Greens ingredients:

Broccolini - 1 large bunch

Baby Spinach - 1 box

Garlic - 5 whole cloves (bruised)


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