Ha is the number 5 in Thai. So it’s not a typo if someone answers 555 to you, like I thought it was when it happened to me years ago! 

During Chinese New Year, sometimes it may seem like we overindulge in seafood. But the real reason is because their names have auspicious meanings. For example prawn in Cantonese is Har like laughter, fish is served because it symbolizes abundance.


Lunar New Year to Malaysians mean one thing: we’ll be eating KFC for one week because our regular haunts will be closed 😅

This dish is inspired by the red packets of blessings (mon-nay 💵) the elder ones give to the younger generation and just the spirit of prosperity this season. 

Recipe serves 2-4 people (2 if this is the main meal, 4 if you intend to cook extra side dishes)


Here’s a list of mashed potatoes that have people lusting over:

  1. Joel Robuchon’s signature silky mashed potatoes

  2. KFC

  3. Kenny Roger’s

  4. Dave’s Deli

But my absolute favourite has to be from Chili’s.

My sincere apologies to mashed potatoes elitists out there but I really Do Not Like mashed potatoes that have been strained so carefully it feels like I’m drinking potato-flavoured silk.

If you love the...

This is my special Braised Beef Ribs Noodles at beta phase. I just got zapped with the idea of using Mizkan (Japanese rice vinegar) to add complexity to this dish. The result is a light, soy-based beef noodles that is savoury, slightly sweet with a hint of smokiness from the sesame oil. I can foresee myself tuning the recipe with other unconventional ingredients but here’s what I’ve d...

I promise you, cooking was the Last Thing on my mind today because.. Ain’t nobody got that time for that. But since I was walking through the supermarket aisle, I grabbed what cooks fastest..okra and sliced beef.

I’ve Never tried this combo before til today. It’s delicious and sooo easy to make, prep and cook time is just less than 30 mins; faster than delivery ok.. So save this recipe...

A friend told me that her unbelievably skinny sister can wolf down huge mounds of rice and feels faint if she doesn’t eat it for a few days. That’s not hard to believe, take me back to high school please, let me relive my eating glory days 🙌🏼.

Truth be told, I have been having Chinese soup for a few days now but I feel like being a little naughty today. I just grabbed the minced lamb...

Truth: I wanted to create a simple chicken salad tossed with the teensiest amount of seashell pasta. When over-creativity and overzealousness takes over, the result is this 😁. 

This has veered so very far away clean-tasting dinner I had planned. It’s just like me “trying” to do simple make up in the morning.

Me: 🕣I’d do a simple eye-look today because..✋🏼 sis has no time.

🕙 Fast forwa...

I don't know what the shit I was doing when I bought these Heirloom Beef tomatoes. They looked good and I gots to get it, that’s all I knew!

Heirloom beef tomatoes are fleshier with lesser water content compared to normal tomatoes. To keep the integrity of the taste, I read that it’s much better not to refrigerate it. 

I created this keto recipe on the fly and I loved how easy and delici...

Welcome to my latest obsession. Beef Stroganoff is such a good, comforting dinner dish because you can enjoy the sauce as you slurp up ribbons of pasta, bite into flavourful chunks of beef and be surprised with other balancing notes as you fully appreciate its taste in your mouth.

It's the kind of dish you want to go home to - accompanying you as you curl yourself safely on your co...

Honest opinion. Cooking most dishes with pork drums up the taste Instantly. When I first started cooking, I made luncheon meat fried rice with dried chillies and I felt like I was The Bomb. But like Shaggy says "It Wasn't Me", The Bomb was most probably the spam 🤫.

It's just like driving a well-engineered car or having great tyres. You feel so much more confident behind the wheel,...

Notice the edamame in the picture? Yes. This is THE WAY to incorporate greens on the fly into a dish.

Trigger Warning

Which genius thought that the Carrot/Pea/CORN (please read properly, not anuhthing else ya) combo is the holy vegetable trio that should be incorporated into my food, hmm? Really? Do you actually think that sweet corn tastes good munched with mushy peas? Really..?And to a...

Does this prep look intimidating to you? If you say NO, then you are my people!

These ingredients may seem like a lot of work, but honestly, it is just about putting in aromatics to flavour the broth. And since I am no Gordon Ramsay, my prep's shapes are pretty irregular and that is FINE with me.

To me, the MOST important ingredients to make beautiful Galbi Tang are

1) Radish 2) Red...

Which fool visits China in the dead of winter? ME! I was at Banyan Tree Yangshuo and I loved the scenic view of the mountains and greens. It almost compensated for the cold and wet conditions although I admit that it had crossed my mind SEVERAL times to sleep on the heated bathroom floor if I could not stand the chill in my bedroom. 

I was particularly attracted to t...

Riding on the high from my eggsperiment with the Saffron Prawn Pasta, I was assaulted with a ton of ideas to elevate the recipe. The first thing I thought was, ok, I need-s to dunk it in wine. I was in luck, because a sweet couple dropped by my house post Christmas and brought me a Sauvignon Blanc.

As I was thinking of other ingredients to make the recipe richer, I was reminded of...

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